Thursday, April 9, 2009

Plug In to Connection

Welcome to Midwife Connection, the blog from the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) for midwives and their supporters. Whether you are curious about midwifery or a longtime advocate, this is the place to plug in to what’s happening in the world of midwifery and women’s health.

Midwife Connection is a space for conversation, and the best conversations involve a variety of opinions. We invite you to agree, disagree, or fine-tune anything you see on this blog by posting comments.

Here are some of the discussion topics you can expect to find at Connection:

  • Research about women’s health and birth
  • Media coverage of maternity care and women’s health issues
  • Advocacy and health care reform
  • ACNM happenings that matter to you

Yolanda Landon and Melissa Garvey will serve as your regular hosts and bloggers. Please let them know what they’re doing well and what they could do better. We’ll also be inviting several guest bloggers. If you’re interested in being a guest blogger, let us know!


Lost said...

Thanks for this hoping to feel connected to Midwifery in the USA!

Lost said...

Thanks for visiting my blog feel free to add to your blog roll if you think it will be of intrest.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed that you have linked to Minority Midwifery Student and that you have also found My Beautiful Cervix. What a diverse beginning.