Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do Midwives and Women Think about Health Care Reform?

In August, ACNM endorsed the House health reform bill, H.R.3200. This week we're watching closely as the Senate Finance Committee is finalizing its own version of the legislation. These are controversial pieces of legislation. So, tell us what you think! Let’s voice our opinions and share informative resources to fuel the discussion. Is health care reform good for women, midwives, Americans? What do you like about the unfolding legislation? What don’t you like about it?

Here are few resources to get the conversation started:


womantowomancbe said...

I don't like it because I think the government is already too big and has messed up way too much that it has tried to fix. Yep! I'm one of "them" -- a conservative. Ooooo... :-)

Somehow, I don't think that midwifery will get a boost from any health-care reform legislation; although that would be a good thing if it did. I think the politics of birth (which is completely separate from the politics of government) would effectively prohibit any such reform. Unfortunately.


Mag&Mommy said...

I agree that we need some reform, but wish we would do things like freeing states to increase competition with choice of companies, tort reform, and tax credits for paying health costs.