Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meet the Future of Midwifery

Why become a midwife? These passionate students share why midwifery is, without a doubt, their professional calling.

Five years have passed since I…first heard the word “midwife.” Now, I am two months away from completing the nurse-midwifery program at Georgetown University. I am a midwife because I care about women and their health…I care about empowering women to educate themselves about their bodies so they can make informed decisions… I am a midwife because I am concerned about more than just the physical health of the woman. I care about her family, her work life, her home life, and what keeps her awake at night. I give her a hug and tell her that I am proud of her – perhaps the gentlest touch and kindest words she has heard in months. I am a midwife because I want to make a difference.
-Allison Stitsworth, RN, BSN, SNM, Georgetown University

I have often been asked why I didn’t choose to become a physician. My answer is simply that I want to be a midwife. Midwifery encourages me to truly be a partner with the women under my care…it provides an opportunity to offer real service to fulfill a specific health or wellness need—whatever is most important to the woman I serve. As a student midwife, a mere three months away from graduation, I can honestly and confidently say that I chose the right path….To anyone contemplating a similar journey I say: jump in with both feet and give it all you have.
-Janelle Green, SNM, Georgetown University

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